All of our straps are assembled in house allowing us to respond to your needs. If you do not see what you need here, give us a call. Our toll free phone number is (800) 343-5826.

Our most popular model is the side release buckle strap. They offer both easy length adjustment and a quick release. The buckle material is Acetyl (the DuPont version is called Delrin) which provides a strong, lightweight product with improved UV resistance over other plastics. Webbing is standard weight polypropylene which will not absorb water, is resistant to both mildew and rot and comes in ½", ¾", 1", 1½" and 2" widths.

½" wide ¾" wide 1" wide 1½" wide 2" wide

1 inch side release buckle strap


GM-1 buckle strapA heavy duty strap with a releasing buckle is our GM-1 version. It is made using heavy duty 1" polypropylene webbing . The buckle is more difficult to unclip than the standard version making this strap useful for battery tie downs and other applications were you would not want the strap to accidental disengage.

GM-1 Strap


Cam buckle straps utilize a metal cam buckle which allows you to get a more snug adjustment. The buckle is epoxy coated Zamac and the webbing is nylon which has superior abrasion resistance but will absorb water or heavy duty polypropylene which does not absorb water.

Nylon Web Cam Buckle Straps Polypropylene Web Cam Buckle Straps

Cam buckle strap


Double bar straps offer easy adjustment like a cam buckle strap but at a lower cost. They are even useful for hanging planters from a tree limb (order them in forest green, taupe or black so they don't stand out).

1" Double Bar Straps 1½" Double Bar Straps

Double bar strap


We also manufacture single loop straps. These do not have a buckle, just a flat loop sewn in one end. Single loop straps are useful when you want the added strength a knot provides


Sail ties are a type of single loop strap only with a twisted in the loop sewn in one end. This helps the eye stay open, making it easier to use.