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Immersion Suits

We carry immersion suits manufactured by Kent and Imperial. Models we offer comply with USCG, or USCG and SOLAS. Available in four sizes which should fit all but the largest of individuals. If you are in doubt about sizing, choose the larger size. Immersion suits do not make a fashion statement, they are designed to be easy to don which requires a loose fit. The suits are equipped with non-slip soles, air release valves and an inflatable head support. They come standard with reflective tape and a SOLAS grade whistle.

Immersion suits carry either United States Coast Guard approval for use on commercial fishing vessels, tugs and yachts or United States Coast Guard approval meeting SOLAS standards for SOLAS class ships (these can also be used on non-SOLAS vessels). The SOLAS model comes with a lifting harness and buddy line which the standard suit does not have.

Imperial immersion suits have long been the standard of the industry. Their sizing fits the American body shape unlike some other brands that have a much slimmer cut. We have found that the quality of materials and workmanship provides a long lasting, reliable product.

Kent's suits are the newest design with generous sizing and increased visibility aids. Ease of use and service is part of their design criterion with a better glove position and removable head pillow.

Immersion suits are often worn by pilots ferrying aircraft over large bodies of water.

Westpac offers immersion suit testing to IMO MSC/CIRC. 1114. Over the years we have found that the average life expectancy of an immersion suit is ten (10) years. If your suits are older than that, have them tested.

More Immersion Suit Service Information

We also manufacture Donning Instruction Posters for immersion suits. They are printed on weather resistant, self-adhesive vinyl.

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Imperial Childs Immersion Suit
Child Size USCG Approved Immersion Suit
Part number:  IMM1409.CHILD

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Kent Adult SOLAS Immersion Suit
Intermediate Size USCG/SOLAS Approved Immersion Suit with Buddy Line and Harness
Part number:  KNT1541.020

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Imperial Adult SOLAS Immersion Suit
Adult Size USCG/SOLAS Approved Immersion Suit with Buddy Line and Harness
Part number:  IMM1409SOLAS.ADULT

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Kent Oversize SOLAS Immersion Suit
Oversize USCG/SOLAS Approved Immersion Suit with Buddy Line and Harness
Part number:  KNT1541.005

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bees wax zipper lubricant
Bees Wax Bar for lubricating zippers
Part number:  IMM0501

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