Safety Equipment

Westpac carries a full line of primary safety equipment. Everything can be used in a marine environment but we still have plenty of customers who needs are shore based.

If you need help determining your requirements we are here to help. Since we are also a service facility we see equipment after it has been placed in to service which gives us a perspective most sales outlets don't have. We service inflatable life rafts and life jackets, immersion suits, EPIRB's, PLB's and SART's. Our in-house capabilities also extend to hydrotesting compressed gas cylinders.

Life Rafts Survival Electronics Life Rings Immersion Suits Crew Overboard Recovery
Life Rafts Electronics Life Rings Immersion Suits Crew Overboard

Industry Specific Pages

Many of our products are used outside the marine industry. We have put together industry specific pages which should help identify the products and services that other industries utilize.

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