Since 1984 Westpac Marine has been providing commercial, industrial and individual users marine and aviation safety equipment. We also produce in-house a full range of safety signage and posters. Our newest venture is in the field of straps and webbing, again assembly is done in-house.

We also are a service oriented company, life raft, cylinder hydrotesting and immersion suit testing are part of our core business. Working on the equipment we sell allows us to offer training so that you can understand your products and be able to use them if ever required.


Straps to Go Spotlight Item:

1 inch heavy duty double bar buckle

Now in stock, a real heavy duty double bar (ladder lock) buckle for 2" webbing.

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Featured Items:

New for 2014
A better LifeSling bag

Deluxe bright blue LifeSling 2 replacement bag
Deluxe replacement storage bag for LifeSling 2
Price:  $76.99   

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Watertight storage on your boat or dinghy

Watertight poly bottle for flare storage
Pains Wessex
Watertight Poly Bottle for Pyro Storage
Price:  $67.78   

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Lower pricing effective March 1, 2014

Ocean Signal rescueME PLB
Ocean Signal
rescueME 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon
Price:  $249.00   

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New from Westpac Marine

90 foot rope bag for life ring
90' Ring Buoy Rope With Bag
Price:  $29.95   

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Crew Recovery Made Easier

Westpac 5:1 lifting tackle
Westpac  Designed or engineered for women
5:1 Lifting Tackle for Crew Overboard Recovery
Price:  $175.00   

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Seagulls hate them, vessel owners love them

Datrex 30 inch diameter USCG approved lifering
30" USCG/SOLAS Orange Life Ring Buoy with Reflective Tape
Price:  $73.80   

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Go Local On items that show the "Keep it Local" logo we offer special incentives for local customers. These might include discounts on future servicing, free delivery or special pricing. Each item is different, stop by or call for further information.


Designed and engineered for women The female members of our crew are using this logo to identify products that either are designed to fit women or are engineered in a manner to make them easy to use by women.


Product News:

  • October 2013: Switlik introduces their Coastal Passage Raft and Offshore Passage Raft. These life rafts offer features you will not find anywhere else including a five (5) year service interval, super fast inflation and easy boarding. They are lightweight and pack in small containers and even smaller soft valises.
  • August 12, 2013: We now offer Polyester Webbing. This material provides high strength, low stretch, excellent abrasion and UV resistance is is the choice for outdoor uses.
  • June 7, 2013: Switlik announces that the service interval for their MOM-8A and MOM-9 modules has been increased from 12 to 24 months.
  • June 2011: We have now started posting articles giving technical insight in to some of the products we sell and service we offer. Hopefully you will find our "Tech Files" useful.
  • Rearm kits for Mustang, Stearns, Revere, Bass Pro, Cabela's, Switlik and SOSpenders inflatable life jackets.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS (click for directions and a map)
Westpac is located in downtown Tacoma, WA, just a couple of minutes from the freeway. The closest moorage is at the Dock Street Marina which also provides easy access to the museums and sights of Tacoma.